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October 9, 2000 Issue

  • Editorials

    Aid for Nuclear Workers

    Madame Curie's denial of radiation dangers is emblematic of the legacy we now face as America's romance with the atom draws to a close.

    Robert Alvarez

  • The Threat to the Net

    Open access to the broadband Internet is essential if we are to insure that a diverse range of voices has a chance of reaching out to citizens in the new era of high-speed communications.

    Jeffrey Chester

  • Acting for Justice

    The two entertainment unions, already angered over runaway production, have tenaciously met the challenge and escalated the fight.

    Marc Cooper

  • Holy Joe! A Culture War!

    Instead of kissing babies, this year the pols are bashing youth culture and the companies that promote it.

    the Editors

  • Chase’s Historical Ledger

    Chase should immediately open its archives to slavery researchers.

    John S. Friedman

  • A Full Tank of Paradoxes

    Contrary to the impression fostered by the government's supporters, not all the fuel protesters are selfish, gas-guzzling throwbacks greedy for a bigger TV.

    Maria Margaronis

  • The Supreme Court Issue

    The Rehnquist Court's paeans of praise for state government are belied by reality.

    Herman Schwartz

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  • Letters


    Our readers and Ellen Schrecker and Maurice Isserman on "The Right's Cold War Revision."

    Our Readers