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May 26, 2008

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Tain't Funny, McGee

Madison, Wis.


She's managed to smash the myth of innate female moral superiority.

Financial news outlets, tethered to a mission to pump up confidence and support their advertisers, helped fuel the subprime meltdown.

Longshoremen protest the war, Ken Livingstone loses London, Zephyr Teachout blogs The Nation.

Ethical conflicts and judicial dysfunction cloud the military commissions system at Guantánamo.

Finally, the Democratic campaign can begin to focus on what really matters--healthcare, the economy and leaving Iraq.



Those confessions elicited from Gitmo detainees are proving legally worthless--and an enduring indictment of the moral bankruptcy of George W. Bush.


The Fed scrambles for solutions to the mortgage meltdown--but saving prudent homeowners also involves bailing out a huge number of wealthy speculators. What good is that?

From campus to courtroom, longstanding gains for women are being eroded everywhere you look.

Will Bush make America the ultimate POW by launching an attack on Iran?

Comix Nation

What would happen if Hillary Clinton got the call? "Hmmm...huh? Iran has what? Obliterate them!"


On the sixtieth anniversary of Israel's
founding, one of the country's leading journalists reflects on history,
the occupation and the duties of conscience.

America's legal and moral responsibility to innocent detainees is not more imprisonment, but a new life in the United States.

Despite conflict and contradictions, what is precious and beautiful about Israel is its ongoing struggle for social justice.

Atmospheric CO2 has spiked to 385 parts per million. Roll that back to 350 and we may still live and thrive.

This week's episode: Mysterious billionaire Mace Gilmore looks back and finds the future wanting.

Jen Marlowe In Darfur, even the schools are not safe, as I learned following a recent tragedy that cost six children their lives.

Immigrant Latinos live under a matrix of oppressive laws, customs and institutions.

A just resolution of the Palestine question depends on the Palestinians themselves.

Sixty years after the founding of the State of Israel, the long conflict with the Palestinians, and with the Arab world at large, casts a pall over Israeli life.

Books & the Arts

The contemporary art world, reflected in the 2008 Whitney Biennial, is themeless and heading in no identifiable direction.

The radical subjectivity and reckless politics of Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun find new expression in recent English translations and editions.

British author Jonathan Coe departs from grand social transformations and turns to the domestic sphere in The Rain Before It Falls.


Saw you walking barefoot
taking a long look
at the new moon's eyelid

3rd Party Article

America needs more minority doctors--and the government can help make it happen.

Legislation and regulation designed to prevent another Virginia Tech shooting virtually eliminates many student rights.



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