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July 9, 2007

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Cambridge, Mass.


A closer look at Hillary Clinton's career reveals a technocratic centrist whose political ambition might trump any progressive policy promises.

Official Washington wants to avoid the "divisive ordeal" of looking at what went wrong in Iraq. But upcoming hearings for Admiral Michael Mullins' nomination as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the perfect opportunity.

History is full of examples showing that policies designed to exclude immigrants are doomed to fail.

Oil money allows Hugo Chávez to do many things, but it will never be enough to buy a revolution.

When lawmakers and the media failed to hold the Bush Administration to account, it was left to bureaucrats to defend the integrity of government.

The disaster in Gaza has many fathers, but its most direct cause was the Bush Administration's cynical manipulation of democracy promotion.



A new report on Halliburton's role in the failed reconconstruction of Iraq documents how profits of the merchants of death are rising.


The rickety financial skyscaper known as the subprime mortgage business is ready to tumble--and the rest of us may be buried in the rubble.


The Dangerous Book for Boys does no boy a favor by resuscitating the Anglo-imperial manly ideals. And what about girls?

A grim history lesson of what happened in the 1920s when fears of alien infection inflamed American eugenicists.


A delegation of church leaders traveled to the US, calling on corporate mogul Ira Rennert to clean up the smelters that are poisoning the children of Peru.

If you think the Vice President's abuse of power is scary now, consider what might happen when he counts Electoral College votes in a divisive 2008 election.

She cuts her lawn slowly with a push mower. I save time, hiring men to run machines, burn gas, kill the ozone. Who's the wiser?

Something very strange has happened to food in the richest country in the world:
It's fast, but it ain't good. And it travels way too far a distance from the field to your fork.

The Center for American Progress is calling to bring all combat forces--including trainers--home from Iraq.

When Wilton High School censored a student play about the Iraq war, the cast went to the Public.

Ten years of Chinese rule in Hong Kong hasn't resulted in severe human rights abuses, but full democracy has yet to emerge.

The radical corporate overhaul of NYC public schools is draining the soul from education and reducing learning to a series of standardized tests and progress reports.

New polling data shows that the majority of Americans are leaning liberal. How long will it take politicians and the media to get that?

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Reviews of A Mighty Heart, Sicko, Czech Dream and Unborn in the USA.


The realist crows return
at earliest morning.
And the madman with broom,


Martin Duberman's biography of Lincoln Kirstein is a case study of the relationship between art and power.


Leonard Michaels's fiction captured his evolution from sex-obsessed misogyny to self-identified moralism.