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Thomas Geoghegan

Thomas Geoghegan is a labor lawyer and author. His most recent book is Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? How the European Model Can Help You Get a Life (The New Press, now out in paperback).


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The GOP declares Keynesianism dead, but it hasn’t really been tried. The great economist would have us do much more than “prime the pump” to pull the country out of this morass.

Why the party needs to have a plan, keep it simple—and do something for the base.

Let the Republicans actually filibuster something, hour after excrutiating hour, in real time. The public won't like it.

It's time to abolish this undemocratic holdover from the days of slavery and segregation.

With executive pay scales soaring, only bumblers are willing to work for the Bush Administration.

Despite alarmist talk, the European economy is not in shambles.


Manchester, NJ

Maybe labor should give up on Washington in favor of friendlier terrain.

We were peppered with volleys of mail from the young, and others,
responding to Thomas Geoghegan's "Dems--Why Not Woo

Since 1968 the Democrats have been shut out, more or less, as majority
party. But with a small bump in left-of-center turnout, they'd be
running the country.