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Also in this issue, an essay on Romare Bearden by Arthur C. Danto .

Survey finds risk of swaying election to Bush major concern of Nader

Read Naomi Klein's Piece

Letter dated January 20 2004 from International Strategy Group, Coudert Brothers and The Albright Group (pdf).

Sidney Morgenbesser, the philosopher's philosopher, died on August 1. Sidney was one of a kind.

Howard Dean, George McGovern, Walter Cronkite, Ellen Chesler, Margaret Cho, George Lakoff, Bakari Kitwana, John Brademas, Arthur Miller, John Sayles, Chuck Close, Andrew Jay Schwartzman, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, Jamin Raskin, Nell Minow, Lani Guinier, Studs Terkel, Sherrod Brown, Eric Schlosser, James K. Galbraith, Gary Indiana, Jeremy Bernstein, David Bonior

A web-only article "An Engaging Encounter" posted on June 21
incorrectly identified the sponsor of a pre-marriage program.
Catholic Engaged Encounter had no involvement in the program and

A forum with Ellen Willis, Martha Fineman, Patricia Hill Collins, Judith Butler, Susan Brownmiller, E.J. Graff, Michael Eric Dyson, Judith Stacey and others.

Randall Kennedy, Edmund White, Laura Kipnis, Nora Ephron, Michael Bronski, JoAnn Wypijewski, Hilton Als

With this issue, Liza Featherstone joins the masthead as a contributing editor.


The Bush Administration has a new one size fits all scapegoat for everything that ails Iraq: Iran. To listen to the Administration recently...
Here's the good news, Super Bowl XLI fans, the air war at home is going just grand! Yes, you'll see the usual crack team of Air Force...
At the end of last summer, I explored, in the pages of The Nation's special food issue, the complex implications of Wal-Mart's move to...
Kudos to new Senator Jon Tester and Representative Kirsten Gillibrand. They've become the only two members of Congress to post their work...
In the car this morning, I was listening to Chuck Schumer being interviewed by Terry Gross. I have to say, I've always had a soft-spot for...
The first thing the Senate did after the House overwhelmingly passed a minimum wage increase was to load up the bill with tax breaks for...
I ask this question not in reference to the anti-war protests this weekend in the nation's capital, but of the municipal elections here in...
George W. Bush is upping the ante towards a war with Iran. And a number of prominent Democrats seem to be telling the President to go all...