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Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser is a visiting professor at New York University,
co-founder of the American Empire
, and the author, most recently, of Wall Street: America's Dream Palace. He is is working on a book about America's two Gilded Ages.


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How could Barack Obama have ended up, one year later, where Franklin Delano Roosevelt began?

T.J. Stiles's The First Tycoon is a gilded portrait of the robber baron Cornelius Vanderbilt.

As the bailout state goes into overdrive, popular anger at the lords of Wall Street is raging. In 1929, that anger was harnessed to result in huge change. Is the same change possible in 2009?

If original thinking doesn't find a home among the Obama administration's Clinton-era Brainiacs, how can we move beyond the bailout state?

As America's second Gilded Age fissions around us, we can sense the zeitgeist shift. Are we staring into the abyss of 1929 or heading for a new New Deal?

Washington's mission may, at this late date, be an even greater one than Roosevelt's New Deal faced.

Two new books profile the generation of counterfeiters and con men who sprouted up in Jacksonian-era America.

New biographies of Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon depict the two primeval capitalists in all their contradictory complexity.

In Death in the Haymarket James Green uses the story of the
Haymarket riot to expose the hopes and fears of nineteenth-century America,
nation living on the knife-edge of social catastrophe.