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Simon Maxwell Apter

Simon Maxwell Apter is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Virginia Quarterly Review, Lapham’s Quarterly, the Guardian and The American Prospect


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In Terence Winter's too-beautiful Boardwalk Empire, the disconnect between "dry" Washington and the "wet," thoroughly corrupt real world is as blatant as it is today.

A vast new art exhibition will attempt to reconnect the heartland to our nation's artistic genius.

Washington more often suffocates than satisfies our dreams, and this may prove to be the twenty-third season's unwavering dramatic thread.

By honoring the psychological wounds of soldiers--not shaming them--the armed forces might give fighting men and women the respect they deserve.

Who needs reality TV when you can revel in the decadence, dysfunction and dirty laundry of the fictional super-rich?

Don't buy the argument that Iraq's triumph in the Asian Cup is a miracle moment brought to you by Uncle Sam.

Over eighteen seasons and three presidential eras, The Simpsons has paid badly animated homage to all that sucks in America.

Maureen Dowd's political analysis is devilishly smart and viciously funny--but the New York Times columnist really should spend less
time on the couch.

Why does the FBI find it necessary to spy on Portand's City Council?

Calls for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld are growing louder. Here is a dossier on his critics, from A to Zinni.