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Seth Zuckerman

Seth Zuckerman's writings have appeared in Orion, Sierra and High Country News, among other publications. He lived on California's north coast for twenty years and now makes his home by the shores of Puget Sound. 


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Thanks to the drug’s illegal status, marijuana farms are not regulated—with serious costs to water and wildlife.

 Ask Brock Evans, Washington lobbyist for the Audubon Society, what he thinks of the liedown- in-front-of-the-bulldozer approach to 'environmentalism practiced by Earth First!, and he scoffs, "I want to know how many acres they've saved in the last few years." Earth First! founder Dave Foreman's response is, many acres have they given away?" In the sixteen years since the-first Earth Day, the most prominent environmental groups have become more savy and more pragmatic politically as they have blended into the Washington landscape.