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Our readers sound off on Pennsylvania's voter ID law, Paul Ryan's love for Ayn Rand and the healthcare rights of transgender people.

 Our readers sound off on Mike Huckabee, gun control and the issues that should be in the Democratic party's platform. 

Our readers on Alexander Cockburn, Chick-Fil-A and Voter ID Laws. Let us know what you think--in the comments!

Our readers sound off on Medicare for all, abolishing football at Penn State and what the New York Times got right and wrong about inequality and marriage.

Our readers sound off on Voter ID laws, the Affordable Care Act and what does and does not constitute an acceptable joke about rape.

Our readers sound off on the Affordable Care Act, United States involvement in Syria and the future of feminist activism.

Our readers sound off on the NBA Finals, the student protests in Quebec and our Islamophobia issue.

Our readers sound off on Scott Walker, Obama's "Kill List," and Chris Hayes' new book Twilight of the Elites.

Our readers sound off on Amazon, the Olympics in London and the return of the birthers.

Our readers sound off on Fox News, S.E. Cupp and the fight against voter suppression.


Earlier this month, we joined Know Your IX to call on Congress to give the Department of Education the tools to hold colleges responsible...
Amid pressure from progressive and women's right organizations, President Obama has nominated Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve...
After the Obama administration's historic announcement that it will expand labor protections to homecare workers, activists will...
One year after Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a previous version of the legislation, the California state senate has passed a Domestic Workers...
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced an array of new initiatives designed to address sexual assault in the military, but they don't...
An update on the latest activism campaigns at The Nation, and how to get involved.
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