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Our readers share their thoughts on the destructive hurricane that hit the Northeast. 

Our readers join us for our robust live chats during the presidential debates and sound off on mandatory minimum sentencing. 

Our readers sound off on New York City's stop-and-frisk policy and chat live with our writers and editor during the Vice Presidential debate.

Our readers sound off on the first presidential debate and chat live with our editor and publisher, Katrina vanden Heuvel. 

 Our readers sound off on Rebecca Solnit's "A Letter to My Allies on the Left," the referee strike in the NFL and Dana Goldstein's response to "Won't Back Down." 

Our readers sound off on the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Romney's psyche and the 47 percent.

Our readers sound off on the Chicago Teachers Union strike, Pennsylvania's voter ID laws and Naomi Wolf's Vagina.

Our readers sound off on the DNC and on the hypocrisy of Paul Ryan.

 Our readers respond to our RNC coverage and to Greg Kaufmann's #TalkPoverty series. 

Our readers sound off on choice, Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment and the most under-reported stories of the summer.


Earlier this month, we joined Know Your IX to call on Congress to give the Department of Education the tools to hold colleges responsible...
Amid pressure from progressive and women's right organizations, President Obama has nominated Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve...
After the Obama administration's historic announcement that it will expand labor protections to homecare workers, activists will...
One year after Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a previous version of the legislation, the California state senate has passed a Domestic Workers...
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced an array of new initiatives designed to address sexual assault in the military, but they don't...
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