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Robert Pollin

Robert Pollin, professor of economics and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), is the author of Back to Full Employment (MIT Press).


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The underdogs may have enough in the tank to surprise us again next year.

Spending the same money on education, or clean energy, would bring many more jobs—among other benefits.

It’s not only bad politics for states to use budget crises to bust unions—it’s also bad ­economics.

Inequality has risen under Republicans and Democrats when they’ve embraced neoliberalism.

The Obama administration's jobs proposals are on the right track, but the scope is nowhere near large enough for the crisis we face today.

Neoliberal capitalism is dead. But socialism isn't ready to take its place.

America's transformation to a clean-energy economy could merge the aims of environmental protection and social justice.

The economy needs a shot of public investment--and if it's green, the payoff will be greatest.

Lessons from a free-market critic on the contradictions of economic crisis.

This bailout doesn't have to cost $700 billion.