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In the era of the antihero, few were more antiheroic than Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.

No one could put Richard Nixon back together again after Woodward and Bernstein got through with him.

There's corruption in Los Angeles's water department and private
detective Jake Gittes sticks his nose where he shouldn't-literally.

A nurse and her suddenly mute patient in Bergman's hands becomes nothing less than a work of art.

Henri-Pierre Roche's novel about three friends during World War I was long out of print until François Truffaut turned it into a landmark of the French New Wave.

In Spielberg's blockbuster aliens encounter human beings and, amazingly, aren't horrified at what they find.

Janet Leigh says she hasn't taken a shower since, but the notion of motherhood took a bath.

Warren Beatty's epic about the life and death of American radical journalist John Reed.

Fred Neil's haunting song, "Everybody's Talkin'" sets the mood for this tragic buddy movie.

The movie may have been set in Korea, but Robert Altman clearly had Vietnam in mind when he made this satire of the American military.