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Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps (Harper Perennial) and an editor of the website Mondoweiss, which covers the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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Despite a “reconsideration” on the part of its author, the Goldstone Report remains as vital as ever for understanding the 2008-2009 Gaza conflict.

BDS has become a key battleground in the struggle over the future of Israel/Palestine.

The Jewish push for peace is surging through the grassroots, but leaders and policy-makers are still turning a deaf ear.

Israel's latest strategy for responding to allegations of human rights abuses: kill the messenger.

Can left-leaning Jews coalesce into a lobby to offset the influence of AIPAC?

The Human Rights Watch reports that were sharply critical of Israel's killing of
civilians in Lebanon represent the latest battle for Jewish hearts
and minds in the ideological war over the Middle East.

Politics trumped academic integrity when a neocon network torpedoed
the appointment of Mideast scholar and blogger Juan Cole to a faculty
position at Yale.

Criticisms of the Israel lobby have circulated for years, but it took two professors and the Iraq War to inject realist ideas into the debate.

My Name Is Rachel Corrie was a big hit in London, but the New
York Theatre Workshop backed off from producing the play. Why is it so
hard for Americans to have a healthy debate about Palestinian human

You would hope that the passage of fifty years might have cleared the
passions that once inflamed the Rosenberg case.