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Peter Canby is a senior editor at The New Yorker and the author of The Heart of the Sky: Travels Among the Maya (HarperCollins).


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How the discovery of police archives has altered the memory of political atrocities in Guatemala.

Could the introduction of genetically modified genes into Mexico's landrace corns lead to their extinction?

The brutal murder of a bishop and its violent aftermath exemplify post-civil war Guatemala's descent into chaos

As the planet warms and global catastrophe beckons, what changes are we willing to make to adjust to a brave new world? Tim Flannery and Elizabeth Kolbert seek answers in two provocative new books.

In May, Jan Egeland, the United Nations Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs, called a news conference in New York to declare publicly what he had been warning people about for some time: that

Six years ago, in 1996, the government of Guatemala and the guerrilla
groups it had fought bitterly for thirty-six years signed an ambitious
set of peace accords.