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Nick Turse

Nick Turse is the managing editor of Tomdispatch.com and an Investigative Fund Fellow at The Nation Institute. He is the author of The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives and a forthcoming history of US war crimes in Vietnam, Kill Anything That Moves (both Metropolitan).


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How the President and the Pentagon prop up both Middle Eastern despots and American arms dealers.

The increased use of military helicopters to crack down on demonstrators in Yemen begs the question: Are any of these helicopters part of a recent aid package from the Obama administration?

Just how American bullets make their way into Bahraini guns, into weapons used by troops suppressing pro-democracy protesters, opens a wider window into the shadowy relationships between the Pentagon and a number of autocratic states in the Arab world. 

High-powered magnets, guided bullets and high-flying drones are all part of the Pentagon’s battlefield vision of tomorrow’s tomorrow.

As prospects dim in Iraq, the Pentagon digs in deeper around the Middle East.

The military may not be winning the Afghan War, but it is winning the Afghan publishing wars at home, with a striking percentage of books on the war Pentagon-influenced or simply Pentagon-produced.

To weigh your skills, take the eleven-question pop quiz below, and see if you deserve to be a four-star general, a gun-totin’ mercenary or a mere private.

The American war and Afghanistan’s civilians.