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Mike Konczal

Mike Konczal is a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. He blogs at Rortybomb and New Deal 2.0.


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Twelve red states account for 70 percent of all state and local public sector jobs lost since 2010.

The proposed rule drew a blizzard of criticism from the financial industry. Here’s why commercial banks shouldn’t be able to make risky bets.

Unemployment dropped to 8.6 percent, while the economy added 120,000 new jobs. Is this good enough news?

It took thirty years for inequality to become this dramatic, and it will be a generational project to reverse it.

According to Jeff Madrick’s Age of Greed, the US’s plunge into financial crisis began long before the recent round of deregulation and bailouts.

How well will Representative Barney Frank's proposed regulatory reform legislation address the "too big to fail" problem?