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Maria Margaronis

Maria Margaronis

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Maria Margaronis writes from The Nation's London bureau. Her work has appeared in many other publications, including the Guardian, the London Review of Books,  the Times Literary Supplement and Grand Street.


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The country is facing a convulsion unlike anything since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974.

Remembering Ben Sonnenberg (1936–2010)—writer, publisher, boulevardier—and his quarterly, Grand Street.

No candidate for Labour Party leader has offered a challenge to the dominant view of Britain as a society living beyond its means, with the market setting the terms for what's possible.

In Tove Jansson's The True Deceiver, the uncertainties laid bare go to the heart of human relationships.

Nick Clegg has taken the Liberal Democrats into government with the Tories, serving as deputy prime minister to David Cameron, a politician he has called "the con man of British politics." Where did it all go wrong?

Letter published in the May 3, 2010, issue of The Nation.

A clash between a feminist activist and a former Guantánamo detainee divides the left.

The pressure on Papandreou's socialist government to fix the crisis by yesterday is a product of the wider recession.

Some of the best activism is happening in Britain—but in policy terms, payoff has been slight.

A new collection of C.P. Cavafy's beautiful, musical poems.


Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn sues activist for libel.
After the government announces the closing of ERT by fiat, staff occupy the building as protesters gather outside.
Margaret Thatcher's smiling villainy sparked a generation of dissent—and neoliberal policies that live on today.
The plan to tax savers’ deposits in Cyprus's ailing banks will deepen political fault lines in the Eurozone—and hurt local...
A rash of bombs in Athens opens the way to further crackdowns.
In austerity-struck Greece, the police collude with neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, torture allegations go uninvestigated and journalists are...
The Greek election has brought the same old politicans back to power and neo-Nazi Golden Dawn into parliament.
Greek politics is in a state of molecular meltdown, but the election story told by European politicians and journalists doesn’t begin...