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Lakshmi Chaudhry

Lakshmi Chaudhry, a senior editor at Firstpost.com and a Nation contributing writer, is the author, with Robert Scheer and Christopher Scheer, of The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq, published by Akashic Books and Seven Stories Press.


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The marketing-driven message of the perfect girl--smart, skinny, pretty, athletic and loved by all--is a model of perfection that's hard to live up to. Can't girls just be free to be?

If movies reflect our shared consensus about right and wrong, Black Snake Moan speaks volumes about twenty-first-century America.

Web 2.0's greatest success capitalizes on our need to feel significant, admired and, above all, seen.

The Yearly Kos Convention revealed a blogosphere whose media critique
is hampered by its political ambitions. Why can't progressives repair
the press, not dismantle it?

In the guise of giving us what we want, media giants have created a
culture defined by untrammeled greed, the worship of power and a
ruthless disregard for the public good.

Click here for more info on Five Lies, including how to order copies online.


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