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Kai Wright

Kai Wright

Kai Wright is features editor of The Nation. His reporting and writing has focused on racial justice, economic inequity, healthcare and sexuality. He is the former editorial director of Colorlines, a longtime fellow of the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute and a regular analyst for a range of broadcast programs. You can follow him on Twitter @kai_wright.


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The teens of the Baltimore riot have never known a reality without crisis. That comes with consequences.

People like Luis Rivera are being locked out of the formal workforce forever thanks to one youthful mistake.

Meet Ginnina Slowe, resident of the nation’s poorest urban county, where poverty is expensive—especially when you try to get out of it.

The $30 billion-a-year industry continues to fleece borrowers with high rates and shady terms.

As long as Obama allows banks to write their own rules on foreclosure, he's a willful participant in their ongoing scam.

Will 2010's tally reflect the changing face of America?

Why the home loan industry won't (and can't) fix itself.

How the mortgage industry stole black America's hard-won wealth.

Thanks to the fear tactics advocated by the Bush Administration and abetted by many health activists, gay and bisexual men have been engaged in a one-sided conversation about safe sex--all death and no life. Isn't a sex-positive approach more realistic?


The violence in Arizona is about more than Sarah Palin's semantics. It's an indictment of decades' worth of right-wing enemy-in-our-midst...
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The recession’s legacy will be an unprecedentedly imbalanced, winner-takes-all economy.
The massive job losses between 2008 and 2009 were surely the biggest factor in the record poverty numbers the Census just reported. But...
As long as rightwingers remain the loudest voices talking about race, they'll continue to dominate the conversation.
The Democrats' timid rejoinder to the GOP's summer of demagoguery reveals how afraid they are of debating our defining values.