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Jordan Stancil

Jordan Stancil is a lecturer in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs of the University of Ottawa.


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Reflecting on the controversy over the publication of classified cables, a former Foreign Service officer calls for a more open diplomacy.

The debt crisis can be traced to regressive tax cuts, which have also led to growing inequality.

The bailout may stanch the bleeding for now, but if the EU does not strengthen economic governance and growth and work toward further political integration, new crises will erupt.

What's behind the recent success of Hungary's right-wing political party?

The European economic model, berated for years by US neoliberals, made a big comeback at the G-20 summit this week.

People here are looking in wonderment at the culture that produced Obama and at the people who put him in the White House. In short, they're looking at us.

France's new president has launched an assault on the welfare state.

A new Reaganomics is taking hold in Europe, with grave implications for progressive politics everywhere.