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Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie is a Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute and a Writing Fellow for The American Prospect magazine in Washington D.C. His speciality is US politics—with a focus on parties, elections and campaign finance—and his work has appeared at The Washington Independent, CNN.com, and Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog at the Atlantic, in addition to regular blogging and analysis at The Prospect. He is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, and lives in Washington D.C, though his heart remains in Charlottesville, VA.


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Depending on whom you ask, Clinton is a triangulating pro-corporate Democrat or a heroic shatterer of glass ceilings—or both.


In announcing his appointment of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, President Obama doubles-down on his populist...
For starters, they can lay off of the racism.
The Nebraska lawmaker is retiring from the Senate. Good. 
Drug tests and GED classes are the new requirements for anyone who dares to collect unemployment insurance.
Two new studies offer detailed looks into the top 1 percent, their beliefs and how they participate in the political process.
A new survey shows the wide perceptual gap in racial progress between whites and blacks. 
Reactionary forces echo through history, whether conservatives acknowledge it or not.