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Isabel Macdonald

Isabel Macdonald is a freelance journalist and former communications director of the media watch group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.


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How Republicans and industry profiteers are targeting high school students, welfare applicants and the unemployed.

Structurally unsafe and laced with formaldehyde, the "hurricane-proof" classroom trailers installed by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti came from the same company being sued for sickening Hurricane Katrina victims.

Despite all the post-earthquake promises, just a fraction of the aid pledged has actually been delivered.

When it comes to his record on business reporting, Dobbs's hypocrisy has been no less flagrant.

Lou Dobbs regularmente arremetía contra los “empleadores de ilegales.” Sin embargo, el propio Dobbs utilizó mano de obra de indocumentados para que trabajaran en sus propiedades multimillonarias y que atendieran los caballos que le tiene a su hija Hillary. Lea este artículo en Español.

While he railed against "illegals," undocumented immigrants tended to his estates and prize horses. A special Nation investigative report.

Foreign ministers in the "Friends of Haiti" want to "build a new Haiti." But what will their neoliberal agenda mean for ordinary Haitians?