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Greg Mitchell writes a daily blog for The Nation focusing on media, politics and culture. He is the former editor of Editor & Publisher and author of thirteen books. His latest book, on the 2012 Obama-Romney race, is Tricks, Lies, and Videotape. His other books include Atomic Cover-Up, The Campaign of the Century (winner of the Goldsmith Book Prize), two books related to WikiLeaks and a pair of books with Robert Jay Lifton on Hiroshima and the death penalty in America. His Twitter feed is @GregMitch and he can be reached at:  epic1934@aol.com.   His personal blog is Pressing Issues.


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The New York Times’s new ombudsperson keeps the Gray Lady honest.

His 1934 California gubernatorial run created one of the most important mass movements ever,  helped push the New Deal to the left -- and inspired the birth of the modern political campaign.

Now that WikiLeaks is collaborating with media organizations across the globe, a huge trove of previously-unpublished State Department cables are coming to light.

Saudis are funding international terrorism, the State Department ordered spying on UN officials, Obama helped protect Bush officials who ordered torture... and more bombshells.

As the nuclear security summit convenes in Washington, the US's "first-use" of nuclear bombs in 1945 still matters.

When Bruce Springsteen became a political "Boss" he could not have imagined that the lyrics from one of his most famous songs would be cited by one American president and used to lampoon critics of another.

The seventh anniversary of the start of the Iraq war dawned today with very little notice in the media--but at the start of the war, many more newspapers opposed it than we now remember.

Our media watchdogs require close watching. It's been an article of faith for Nation editors and readers since the founding of the magazine. I'm excited to join this tradition, and take it to new terrain at Media Fix, The Nation's first blog devoted to highlighting the best and worst of current media.

Knowing what America owes its dead--be they soldiers lost in
Iraq or civilians lost in the Gulf Coast storm--could prod the nation toward a decisive rejection of the Bush Administration's war policies.


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