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Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips's short stories have appeared, most recently, in Los Angeles Noir (Akashic) and in Full House (G.P. Putnam's Sons). He is a member of PEN and past national board member of the Mystery Writers of America.


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This week's episode of Citizen Kang: The Congresswoman's chief of staff gets shot at and Kang lets her mind wander into dangerous territory.

Our Story: Chet Kimbrough, Congresswoman Kang's Chief of Staff, does some investigating on his own and puts in motion events that will endanger him and hint at larger doings.

Our Story: Congresswoman Kang pays a visit on her aging slacker brother, and learns more than she'd care to know.

Previous episode: Sex, politics and innuendo bubbles between Kang and the cop, and the Congresswoman decides to do some investigating her own damn self.

Our Story: As the probe into the supposed suicide of her
political mentor unfolds, Kang is grilled by an intriguing homicide
cop, and suddenly new troubles develop.

Cynthia Kang is backstage in this episode, but rest assured, the heat is still on.

The night after the funeral of her friend and mentor, Congresswoman Kang learns that all is not what it seems...

At her mentor's funeral, Cynthia Kang revisits ghosts of the past,
receives a cryptic message, and watches the detectives watching

Kang's political mentor--and reputed former lover--is found with a bullet in his brain. As the media is poised to pounce, she readies her talking points with a growing sense of dread.

Political fact marries political fiction in Citizen Kang, an online serialized novel that unfolds in weekly installments on The Nation.com throughout Campaign 08.