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Franz Hoellering

Franz Hoellering was a soldier in the Viennese Army during World War I when he announced to his commanding officer that he was against the war. He was assigned to another post. He remained in Vienna after the war, and then moved to Berlin where he enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and editor. When Hitler came to power, he exposed the Nazi's intentions to go to war and then fled to Czechoslovakia when the Gestapo issued a warrant for his arrest. He eventually made his way to America where he resumed his career as both a film critic and novelist.


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Hollywood was concerned that the saga of the Joads might send a "pro-Communist" message, but in the end, even Whittaker Chambers liked this film, which says something.

Ten years before Joe McCarthy, Ernst Lubitisch makes an anti-Communist comedy, the difference being that Ninotchka was funny.

With William Wyler directing, Ben Hecht and John Huston writing and Laurence Olivier starring--could there have been any chance that it wouldn't be among the best movies ever made?

Hitler was said to have seen this twice. One tends to doubt, however, that he gave it a thumbs up.

When Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck gave way to Bach and Beethoven, the results were as far out as Pluto.

...And their sons. This film had the unusual distinction of starring two "Jr."s, Lon Chaney and Noah Beery, both scions of silent film actors.

A movie that portrays politicians as corrupt? Believe it or not, this film nearly didn't get made for precisely that reason.

The film of Margaret Mitchell's bestselling saga of the ante- and post-bellum South set box office records that still stand.