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Francis Reynolds

Francis Reynolds

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Francis Reynolds is The Nation's Multimedia Editor. Contact him at frank at thenation dot com.


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What can you do to help overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision?

When voters go to the booth next year, how will they vote on foreign policy? What options do they have?

Despite all the dismissive criticism, Occupy Wall Street has spread like a wild fire globally since its inception three month ago. How could a leaderless and seemingly amorphous movement achieve such global success?

Can a beautiful image also accurately capture a moment in time? Can a documentary photograph also be an object of thoughtful reflection?

At least 175 people were arrested during a concerted action to shut down New York's financial district.

Domestic workers, many of them women of color or undocumented immigrants, are one of the most vulnerable labor pools when it comes to workplace abuses and sexual violence.

Twenty years after Anita Hill boldly brought workplace sexual harassment to the American public consciousness, The Nation celebrates the progress we have made in the two decades since and reflects on the challenges we still face.

If Zuccotti Park falls, where will the Occupy Wall Street movement move next?

The World Trade Center paved over a patchwork of industrial docks and community businesses to become a planned community catering to high finance.

When inmates at Attica took over the prison in September of 1971, they were fighting for their basic rights. But their demands were ultimately met with tear gas and bullets.


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The two bills of the act will create an inspector general position to monitor the NYPD and expand categories of New Yorkers protected...
A federal judge's ruling calls the NYPD's controversial practice unconstitutional and racially discriminatory.
The group aims to get African-American voters in seven battleground states to re-elect President Obama.
A new site lets you rate teachers, review textbooks and "raise awareness about America’s slide to communism."