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Esther Kaplan

Esther Kaplan is editor of the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute, and author of With God on Their Side: George Bush and the Christian Right.


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The Christian right's comeback has been fueled by Bush Administration grants.

It's been four years since the International AIDS Conference was first held in the developing world, in Durban, South Africa, and activists' demand for universal treatment access was catapulted o

Though Bush trumpets his commitment to the AIDS fight, the delegation he sent to Bangkok was rather anemic.

A growing grassroots movement has challenged the artificial AIPAC consensus.

The religious right's sense of siege is fueling a resurgence.


Brookline, Mass.

The strength of the opposition is not its unity, but its diversity.


Three New Orleans police officers and two former officers were indicted Friday in the shooting death of Henry Glover, an African-American...
The global press explodes in outrage, but the paper of record turns, as usual, to those it considers "reliable sources"—...
The death toll of a devastating explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia has reached twenty-five.
Justice may finally be imaginable for Edna Glover and her family. The charred remains of her son Henry were discovered in the burnt hulk of...
Aram Roston's November Nation exposé, "How the U.S. Funds the Taliban," has been fast picking up steam on Capitol Hill. In...
View a slideshow of images from the showdown in Chicago here. On Tuesday morning, in Chicago, the unions came to town. It was the final...
Day two of the Showdown in Chicago, a three-day-long protest against big banks, began a bit dismally for The Nation. An email from American...
  In a brightly lit basement room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago tonight, Angel Seda was leading seven hundred people in a...