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David Moberg

David Moberg, a senior editor of In These Times, writes frequently for The Nation on labor issues.


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Picking up the pieces at the AFL-CIO convention.

David Moberg reports on the union dissidents leaving the AFL-CIO.

As its July convention approaches, the AFL-CIO is on the brink of a major break-up.

Home childcare workers declare a victory.

George W. Bush hasn't even spelled out the details of his plan to privatize Social Security and it's already in trouble, even among some Republican lawmakers--for good reason.

Massive resources are at stake in the debate roiling the AFL-CIO's Las Vegas summit.

In less than five years, the garment industry in poor, war-ravaged Cambodia has more than doubled into a $1.5 billion industry employing 200,000 workers and generating nearly three-fourths of the