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Christine Smallwood

Christine Smallwood, a writer in New York, is former associate literary editor of The Nation.


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The director of Film Forum reflects on forty years of programming new releases, The Solitude of Prime Numbers and the rewards of being an autodidact.

A conversation with the translator of Robert Walser's Microscripts about Walser's writing rituals, his Chinese box sentences and the beauty of Zusammenhaengen.

A discussion with the author of Ill Fares the Land about social democracy, trains and our desiccated ethical vocabulary.

A conversation with the author of Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture about the birth of disco and its transformation of gay life.

A conversation with the author of From Disgust to Humanity about various forms of opposition to gay equality.

A conversation with the author of The Professor about her affair with an older woman and the journals of Susan Sontag.

A conversation with the director of La Danse about the discipline of ballet--and documentary filmmaking.

A conversation with the author of Ordinary Injustice about why the right to trial is no protection against a shoddy legal system.

A conversation with the author of Homer and Langley about opting out.

A conversation with the former frontman of Pulp about the sound of music in the digital era.


NBC has abandoned, in the words of the American Family Association website , its plans to "Attack Christians with Spears."...
Muslims across Europe have taken offense to the Dutch editorial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed; some countries have boycotted...