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Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti, a Nation contributing editor and visiting scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center, is the author of Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Nation Books, June 2011).


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The best we can hope for is robust left Keynesianism--capitalism with a green and social democratic face.

The Evil Twin Gets the Credit, Again

St. Paul, Minn.

Across China there is a rising rural and urban class struggle as the economy moves from Maoist socialism to a strange type of quasi-Maoist capitalism.

Kudos for 'Back Talk'

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Despite a slick PR campaign hyping its promise, the nuclear industry isn't going anywhere. It's too costly and won't save us from global warming.

As American policy-makers and pundits seek a Plan B for Pakistan, it's time to recognize the desperate need for a new diplomacy for the Muslim world.

A history of colonial neglect and endemic corruption has unleashed a lawless logging binge in the heart of Congo's massive woodlands.

Green utilities are growing, but they need to grow faster.

War and corruption have decimated Iraq's oil supply, and Western companies are angling for a cut of what's left.

A biography of Bernard Fall examines the life of the man who laid the foundations for contemporary war reporting.