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Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith is an journalist, oysterman and labor activist. He is co-founder of Global Labor Strategies, a consulting partner with the Progressive Technology Project, and has recently joined the staff of the Labor Network for Sustainability. As a proud member of the emerging "green jobs" movement, he also runs an 50 acre organic oyster farm off the Thimble Islands of Long Island Sound.

Brendan has published two books, In the Name of Democracy (Holt/Metropolitan) and Globalization From Below (South End), and co-produced the PBS documentary Global Village or Global Pillage?, which was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2000. He also served as a consultant on the documentary about Lt. Ehren Watada titled In the Name of Democracy: America's Conscience, A Soldier's Sacrifice. His commentary has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The Guardian, CBS News.com, YahooNews and the Baltimore Sun Times. He is a graduate of Cornell Law School. To contact or read more about Brendan's work, go to: www.bsmith.org.


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Doctors and psychologists weren't only observing "enhanced" interrogations. They were using information gathered to create a legal defense for those who authorized torture.

After three years of trying to convict Lt. Ehren Watada for refusing to deploy to Iraq, the Army has allowed him to resign.

The government drops efforts to prosecute an officer who refused to fight in Iraq. But the Army continues its campaign against him.

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After the primary players in the Bush administration leave office, will they be held accountable for war crimes?

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Labor leaders and environmentalists meet to explore how to make green jobs good jobs for American workers.

Together, unions can force the government to take on the issue of green-collar jobs.

A legal drama is unfolding in Washington State over whether an Army officer who
refuses to serve in Iraq has the same Constitutional rights as the rest of us.