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Betsy Reed

Betsy Reed

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Betsy Reed is the executive editor of The Nation. She and Nation senior editor Richard Kim co-edited the New York Times bestseller Going Rouge: Sarah Palin--An American Nightmare.

She is also the editor of Unnatural Disaster: The Nation on Hurricane Katrina, a collection of the magazine's coverage of the storm and its aftermath published by Nation Books on the hurricane's one-year anniversary, and of the anthology Nothing Sacred: Women Respond to Religious Fundamentalism and Terror, published by Nation Books in 2003.


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Straight talk about essentialism, sexism, leaning in and speaking out.

The case for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan does not actually require copious amounts of data on long-term educational outcomes.

In the Bloomberg era, the woes of wealthy parents eclipsed those of everyone else. Now we’re talking about what most families are up against. 

Braving the wrath of traffickers and government officials, Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández has exposed the corruption at the heart of the drug war. She talked to The Nation’s Betsy Reed.

How can it be that a party with nearly limitless financial resources has such paltry human resources?

Republicans in Congress are quietly killing the provisions of Obama’s stimulus act that have kept millions out of poverty.

As Democrats survey the wreckage left by the 2010 midterms, one sight is at least slightly cheering: Sarah Palin's Mama Grizzlies licking their wounds.

The Republican Party is hard-selling its hot Mama Grizzlies. But it's mostly men—not women—who are buying.

Fresh faces aside, the Republican Party's stance on the issues that matter to working mothers is as regressive as it's ever been.


It makes no sense to suggest that a poor child could ever have “the same chance to succeed as anybody else.”
Let’s at least set the record straight.
How can it be that a party with nearly limitless financial resources has such paltry human resources?
Previous protests have presented detailed policy proposals to no avail. Maybe it’s time to try something new.
Workplace sexual violence against women immigrants is rampant—but usually remains hidden.
She's no nature lover—she just plays one on TV.
The GOP hit group is on an alarmingly successful crusade to confuse voters about the healthcare law.
The first and most ferocious Mama Grizzly rose up in response to a desire for right-wing female leadership.