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Benjamin Paloff

Benjamin Paloff’s forthcoming collection of poems, And His Orchestra, will be published in early 2015. He teaches at the University of Michigan.


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Translation is not the art of failure but the art of the possible.

By privileging historical catastrophe, a new poetry anthology narrows the definition of art.

The poems of Janusz Szuber and Ewa Lipska depart from the romanticized view of Polish poetry as a witness to history.

Polish poetry has been captive to our most flattering verdicts about history.

New collections by Adam Zagajewski and Julia Hartwig suggest that postwar Polish verse can't be reduced to "poetry of witness."

In a new collection of poems by the mentally ill Czech dissident Ivan Blatný, the world and the poet's interpretations of it are continuously transforming.

This past March, on the closing day of an international literary conference held in Krakow, Poland, an elderly woman stood up before hundreds of scholars and admirers gathered to mark the 100th b

In 1964 an important if somewhat obscure Polish writer and public intellectual named Aleksander Wat arrived at the University of California, Berkeley, and began the work that would eventually bec