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Aura Bogado

Aura Bogado


Aura Bogado writes about racial justice, Native rights, and immigration for The Nation. A former host and producer for Pacifica radio, her work has also been published in Mother Jones, Newsweek Argentina, Colorlines.com and The Huffington Post. She is currently based in New York City. 


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All the rhetoric surrounding immigration reform tends to obscure some basic facts.

While Washington debates a grand immigration resolution, some activists are putting their bodies on the line to free those in detention today.

From voter ID laws to inaccessible polling stations, Native voters in Arizona face a cascading series of hurdles to participating in the November election.


Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence is ending her hunger strike—but the fight for indigenous sovereignty continues. 
Continued racial profiling and record deportations lead some to believe that immigration may not be solved anytime soon. 
ICE’s contradictory policies are evident in the detention and almost immediate release of two undocumented immigrants. 
Idle No More has sparked international solidarity. What can that mean for Native rights in the US?
Forty percent of voters didn’t participate last month. A new report outlines who they are, and why they didn’t cast a ballot....
The biggest challenge voting rights advocates face right now is keeping people engaged without the spotlight of a presidential election.
Nevada's Secretary of State wants to implement a costly voter ID registration system to combat nonexistent voter fraud.
One week after Obama’s re-election, the work of social and economic justice movements is as clear as ever.