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Allison Kilkenny

Allison Kilkenny

Allison Kilkenny is the co-host of the progressive political podcast Citizen Radio (wearecitizenradio.com) and independent journalist who blogs at allisonkilkenny.com. Her work has appeared in The American Prospect, the LA Times, In These Times, Truthout and the award-winning grassroots NYC newspaper the Indypendent.


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The fast-growing protest group believes that instead of asking citizens to sacrifice, government should demand that corporations pay their taxes.

In its first national day of action, US Uncut rallies outside of Bank of America branches demanding that big banks pay their fair share of taxes.


Chicago officials promised a smooth transition for students from closed schools, but parents and teachers complain the “welcoming...
Workers are demanding $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation.
This Black Friday, protesters across the country turned out in opposition to Walmart’s poor treatment of workers.
Protesters will demand more working hours, higher wages and an end to punitive actions against Walmart workers.
If a company’s employees don't have enough money for food, it’s time to raise wages.
According to a new survery, 81 percent of participating universities say the sequester, or federal budget cuts, has directly affected their...
Parents and teachers rallied today in North Carolina to participate in a “walk in” to raise awareness about education budget...
Occupy Sandy has been an imperfect solution to the failed state, but criticism should be directed at absent government officials, not well-...