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Alan Jenkins

Alan Jenkins is executive director of The Opportunity Agenda, a
communications, research and advocacy organization with the mission of
building the national will to expand opportunity in America. He is
co-editor, with Brian Smedley, of All Things Being Equal: Instigating
Opportunity in an Inequitable Time.


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Despite their political differences, Americans are strikingly united on the value of human rights, according to a new poll sponsored by The Nation.

The United States should respect international human rights
standards within its own borders.

Ever since Clark Kent first donned a pair of oversized glasses and,
somewhat improbably, hid his Superman persona from Lois Lane, questions
of identity have been a staple of the comic-book genr

At the end of this summer, an event will take place that could change the way the world thinks about one of its most vexing problems--racism.