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Adam Howard is the former Assistant Web Editor of The Nation and currently the News Editor of The Grio.


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Five Democratic senators on the Senate Finance Committee helped defeat a public option; do they really think that will advance reform--or even their political careers?

President Obama brought the house down at the NAACP centennial celebration with yet another stirring speech on race. But if his deeds don't begin to match his words, he's going to have a lot of explaining to do.

If Letterman and Saturday Night Live continue to cast McCain as a liar, it could have a devastating impact.

Superhero-themed films are dominating the summer box office. Is it just about the bottom line or our national longing for genuine heroism?

HBO's Recount will bring back bad
memories, which is precisely why you should see it.

There's abundant compassion but a great deal of confusion about the
best places to send charitable donations to help the victims of
Hurricane Katrina.

NBC took offense when Kanye West took an unscripted swipe at President Bush during a benefit concert for hurricane victims. But somebody had to say it.

If everything goes according to plan, a voting bloc as influential as the religious right, but progressive, could be established.


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