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Adam Federman

Adam Federman, recipient of a Polk Grant for Investigative Reporting, is a contributing writer to Earth Island Journal. His work has appeared in Salon, among other outlets.


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An alliance is born between anti-gay, anti-abortion American groups and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Putin will doubtless win the presidency again. But he faces a very different country from the one he has ruled unchallenged for the last twelve years.

Angered by tainted parliamentary elections, thousands of Russians have taken to the streets.

Five years after the death of the Russian journalist, police have arrested a central figure in the murder. But will the investigation get to the bottom of all the uncomfortable truths about Politkovskaya's murder?

Time is running out for activists hoping to stop the construction of a highway through an old growth forest outside of Moscow.

Three years after the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politikovskaya, impunity reigns.

The men behind the money that made Bush now want to claim the Clinton campaign. Is someone cooking the books at Hillary Inc.?

Twenty years after the Chernobyl disaster, an area twice the size of Rhode Island is uninhabitable, yet a power-hungry world thirsts for nuclear energy.

The detainment of two actors from The Road to Guantánamo reveals a legal apparatus that is no longer able to distinguish between real and invented threats.