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December 3, 2007

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  • Editorial

    Luxury Grub

    What’s so great about designer chocolate if it’s infested with cockroach droppings? As the economic widens, rich and poor still occupy the same food chain.

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • What to Do About Campaign Finance Loopholes

    Political reporters are fixated on the candidates’ endless money chase and the expected flood of corporate funds into shadow campaigns. But they have forgotten why we care.

    Deborah Goldberg

  • Norman Mailer

    Ave atque vale, Aquarius.

    The Editors

  • Noted.

    Norman Lear on the WGA picket line, sex and teen delinquency, and the power of Pakistani attorneys.

    The Editors

  • Carter Speaks His Mind

    A conversation with the former President on Jonathan Demme’s new film, Jimmy Carter Man From Plains, and the difficulty of talking about Israel and Palestine.

    John Nichols

  • Justice Delayed

    The government’s case against Khader Hamide and Michel Shehadeh is closed. But did the US government learn anything about its wayward two-decade prosecution of Palestinian activists?

    David Cole

  • Crisis as Opportunity

    The softening economy, foreclosures, bank write-offs, the swooning dollar and stock market are intruding on the politics of 2008. Do the candidates have a clue?

    The Editors