The Nation Builders (formerly The Nation Associates) is a community of Nation reader-activists committed to supporting The Nation's one-of-a-kind journalism, promoting our message and advancing the progressive agenda. We seek the strong, the smart, those hungry for debate. The bold and thefearless, those who don’t accept the status quo. The dreamers defined by principles and idealism. And the doers who take action for what they believe in.

Our Nation Builders&who supply 20% of all The Nation's revenues—make possible our award-winning, game-changing investigative journalism by Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Klein and Lee Fang. Our hard-hitting columns and commentary from great minds like Chris Hayes, Patricia Williams, Melissa Harris-Perry and Eric Alterman. Our cutting-edge feminist reporting from Jessica Valenti and Katha Pollitt. And our provocative coverage of critical issues like climate change, joblessness, US drone attacks and the continuing efforts by the GOP to cut the neediest out of the social compact.

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Designed for college and high school educators, The Nation Classroom offers a unique way to expand students’ knowledge of politics, current events and culture in a challenging format that encourages debate and diversity of opinion. The program features a FREE weekly teaching guide available for 24 weeks during the fall and spring semesters, with breaks during the summer and December holidays. The Nation Classroom also offers discounted education rates for bulk magazine subscriptions, individual student subscriptions, full digital access, pre-planned learning packs, archive access and reprint rights.  Click here to learn more.


For more than three decades, The Nation magazine has provided a practical and comprehensive intern program for college students and recent graduates interested in magazine journalism, publishing and politics. Interns, who work full-time in both New York City and Washington, DC, check facts, conduct research, evaluate manuscripts, assist with business functions and attend educational seminars, providing important support for both the print publication and  For more information, click here.


Each year, The Nation sponsors a fundraising seminar cruise for its readers. The idea? To exchange ideas on the state of the progressive world. To give all of us who know, care about, respect, support, publish, write and read The Nation a chance to meet, talk and socialize face-to-face, one-on-one. And to raise some badly needed funds for America's oldest weekly magazine. You'll find everything you need to know about this year's trip right here.


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The Nation sponsors its own social network, a community of Nation readers who gather to discuss and debate political issues and share activist strategies with like-minded people.  The network features discussion forums, online chats, the ability to post photos and videos, and the option of creating your very own blog.  Join the conversation at The Nation Social Network—here’s how.


The Nation sponsors an annual writing contest for both high school and college students.  Each year we select five finalists and two winners—one from college, one from high school. Each winner is awarded a $1,000 cash prize and a Nation subscription. The winning essays are published The Nation magazine and featured at The five finalists are awarded $200 each, and their entries are published online. The winning work demonstrates fresh, clear thinking and superior quality of expression and craftsmanship. Get details on this year's contest.