What the January 6 Hearings Achieved

What the January 6 Hearings Achieved

Greg Sargent joins The Time of Monsters to discuss what we’ve learned from Trump’s crimes.


Republicans are accusing the January 6 hearings of being a partisan witch hunt, but I’ve argued that the opposite is true: In the effort to be bipartisan, the hearings have, if anything, underplayed GOP complicity in Trump’s aborted coup.

I do also think the hearings have been an impressive presentation of the evidence, one that establishes Trump’s guilt. Greg Sargent, a Washington Post columnist who has been covering the hearings, has written compelling arguments about how the hearings both point to the dangers to American democracy and offer some solutions for preventing future coup attempts.

I talked with Greg about what we’ve learned from the hearings and the implications they have for the future.

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