Will Some Republicans Abandon Trump and Vote to Impeach?

Will Some Republicans Abandon Trump and Vote to Impeach?

Joan Walsh on Trump, Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan, and Azadeh Moaveni on women in ISIS.


The big question about impeachment is not the House—there now seems to be enough votes there to pass at least one article of impeachment—the big question is about the Senate and whether some Republicans will abandon Trump. Former Republican senator Jeff Flake says that at least 35 Republican senators would vote to remove Trump from office—if they could vote in private. Joan Walsh comments.

Also: Afghanistan held elections on Saturday. Trump declared a couple of weeks ago that negotiations with the Taliban were “dead”—this was after he had promised to end the American war there. How will that war end? Andrew Bacevich has been thinking about that—he suggests it will follow the example of the Vietnam war.

Plus: Thousands of Muslim women left their homes in the United States and Europe to travel to Syria to join ISIS, the Islamic State, especially after it declared a caliphate in 2013. Many of them were educated and successful—why did they do it? Azadeh Moaveni wanted to find out—she spent years interviewing former ISIS women in camps in Turkey and Kurdistan.  Her new book is Guest House for Young Widows: Among the Women of ISIS.

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