The Abortion Battle Rages in the Courts

The Abortion Battle Rages in the Courts

Moira Donegan on how the mifepristone ban and the future of reproductive freedom.


In an earlier podcast, Moira Donegan, frequent Time of Monsters guest and columnist for The Guardian, predicted that Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk would strike down FDA approval of mifepristone, the medication used in most abortions in the United States. Donegan’s prediction came true on Friday.

Moira returns to the podcast this week to discuss the impact of this decision. We talk about how outrageous Kacsmaryk’s ruling was on both legal and factual grounds as well as the way the decision will likely end up being reviewed by the Supreme Court. We also talk about the political divides over how to deal with abortion inside both the Democratic and Republican Party as the Dobbs effect reshapes politics.

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