The New Supreme Court Term Will Be Worse Than the Last One—a Lot Worse

The New Supreme Court Term Will Be Worse Than the Last One—a Lot Worse

Elie Mystal on the new court, Amy Wilentz on Ivanka, and Jeet Heer on impeachment.


The Supreme Court term began its fall term this week—and even though Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed at the start of last year’s court term, this year the Supremes’ decisions will be worse—a lot worse. Elie Mystal explains why—he’s the executive editor of Above the Law and a contributing writer for The Nation.

Also: a new episode of “The Children’s Hour”—stories about Ivanka, Jared, Don Junior, and little Eric. This week: Who’s helping Dad fight impeachment? Amy Wilentz has our story.

Plus: Republicans and impeachment: In the case of Nixon, it took them until the very end to jump ship—and those who defended him (Reagan and Bush Sr.) had better political futures than those who didn’t. Jeet Heer compares and contrasts the two eras.

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