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October 29, 1983 Issue


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  • Feature

    How Do We Know FISA Is Working?

    The illegality of the Bush-approved NSA domestic spying program seems obvious, especially with the passage of FISA in 1978, which requires electronic surveillance to be conducted only with a court order. But in 1983, years before Bush and 9/11, there was some question if the legislation was effective protecting the civil liberties of Americans.

    Herman Schwartz

  • Honor the Man–and the Movement

    Hardly had the Nobel Peace Prize committee announced that Solidarity leader Lech Walesa was its 1983 laureate but President Reagan and other cold warriors began praising the choice as another

    Daniel Singer

  • Books & the Arts

    Kristol’s Red Persuasion?

    Drawing on his past as a Trotskyite, Irving Kristol states his case for capitalism--but cautiously.

    Robert Lekachman
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