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October 28, 2002 Issue

Mark Schapiro examines genetically engineered corn, Gore Vidal offers another reason not to attack Iraq, Katha Pollitt defends the peace mov…

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Going Down the Road

Out in the countryside is where you'll find America's true leaders--the gutsy, scrappy, sometimes scruffy and always ingenious grassroots agitators and organizers who go rig...

The Dangerous Restaurant

I was having dinner at a rather expensive restaurant the other night when a man I'd never met before threatened to kill me. He was a distinguished-looking fellow, dressed in...

Blood for Oil

In May 2001, the White House issued a National Energy Policy report, known as the Cheney Report: the state of our national oil reserves. In 2000, half the oil we consumed was im...

US Double Standards

The effort by the Bush Administration and Congress to portray the planned invasion of Iraq as simply an effort to enforce United Nations Security Council resolutions reaches...

Lula’s Back in Town

On October 6 Brazilian voters propelled Workers' Party candidate Luiz Inácio da Silva, or "Lula," as he is known, one step closer to the presidency of the second-most...

The Fear Factor

George Bush's speech from Cincinnati was calm, composed, reasonable--a studied performance calculated to win plaudits from the punditry and the consent of Congress to an Ira...


Dems Roll Over, Film at 11

As in a paranoid novel by Don DeLillo, it all comes together in the end. The Democrats can't stand up to Bush on Iraq because they're afraid of looking soft on terrorism and...



Palestine Activism Spammed

Within days of the April incursion of the Israel Defense Forces into Jenin, pro-Palestine activist Thomas Olson received first a trickle, then thousands, of e-mails with menac...

Gaining Governors

While the Bush Administration's beating of the war drums has drowned out domestic policy debates that should be shaping competition for control of Congress, bread-and-butter...

Books & the Arts

License to Kill

The closest thing you get to a dull moment in Michael Moore's latest picture, Bowling for Columbine, is an interview with Marilyn Manson.

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