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December 2, 2002 Issue

John Nichols on the House Dems’ new leader, Jennifer Baumgardner on the V-Day summit and Alexander Cockburn on the antiwar movement an…

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Letter From Newark

The eleventh floor of the federal building in Newark is not a place anyone visits by choice. The air-conditioning is always either too cold or not cold enough.

Half a Victory at the UN

Iraq's decision to accept the United Nations Security Council resolution, passed unanimously on November 8, sets in motion a tightly scripted plan for UN arms inspectors to ...

Stand Up, Fight Back

In defeat, Democrats have convened their perennial circular firing squad, issuing salvos of what Groucho Marx used to call departee--what they should have said.




Guns ‘R’ U.S.

Terrorists and gun smugglers like to buy guns in America because of the abundant inventory at gun shops and gun shows, and the laxity of US gun-law enforcement.

Books & the Arts

A Sex of One’s Own

Nature versus nurture was always too simple a formulation. Now, we ask: Is it chance, choice, family, culture, hormones or genes that determine who we are and whom we love?


Atop the Volcano

Gioconda Belli--poet, novelist, society belle reborn as Sandinista comrade--has written a memoir of the Nicaraguan struggle that reads like a romance--a romance with politic...

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