How do I register for The Nation Festival?

Click “Register” on the navigation bar. From there, you will be able to purchase the ticket type you would like. Once you purchase a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to register on our event platform, Hopin. Once you are registered you will be able to join the festival here:

How do I access the panels?

The Nation Festival will take place entirely on our virtual event platform, Hopin, where you will be able to network with other attendees, take part in discussions, and attend all of our sessions. Once you have purchased tickets, you will receive an email with log-in details and will be able to navigate to our virtual event lobby. This will be your home base throughout the festival. In the lobby, you will find a full schedule of the Festival’s events and can navigate to the panels you would like to attend.

How do I create my own Session?

To create your own session room, in the Sessions area of the event platform click the “create session” button in the top right. Choose the session type “open” and give your session a name and description so everyone knows what your session room is for (perhaps you want to discuss grassroots activism or want to meet up with other attendees from Florida.)  Under maximum participants chose “20” and hit “create session.” Other attendees will now be able to join your session room! Attendees should turn on their audio and video in order to chat live on video. 

Where can I watch videos of panels that already happened?

Click the “Watch” button at the top of the Festival website and enter your access code. If you have purchased a festival pass, you will receive an email with the access code. If you have a day pass, you will receive an email at the end of the day with the videos from that day’s events. If you did not purchase a full festival pass, you can still unlock access to all video content by clicking on the “watch” button and the “I don’t have an access code” link.

What is the difference between the General Admission, Backstage Pass, and Day passes?

General Admission passes include access to all four days of the Nation Festival, access to the networking lounge to meet other festival attendees, a discount to the Nation shop, as well as full access to on-demand video content after the event. 

Backstage Passes include all of the benefits of General Admission plus access to the invite-only opening reception and small, exclusive fireside chats with festival speakers throughout the event. 

Day Passes give you access to one day of the Nation Festival, access to the networking lounge for that day, and access to recorded video content for that day only.

How do I access the networking lounge?

Meet other festival attendees by entering the networking lounge and clicking on the “Ready” button. You will be automatically matched up with another attendee for a short conversation. 

What are the small group breakout sessions? 

During the small group breakout sessions, navigate to the “sessions” area of the platform and you will see a variety of small rooms you can enter to chat with other attendees. Pick a room and click the “share audio and video” so that you can talk to the other people in your room. There is a maximum of 20 people that can be on screen at a time. If the session room is full, try joining another or you can create your own room! 

Is closed captioning available? 

Yes, closed captioning will be available for all events taking place on the stage. You will see a closed caption button in the bottom right corner. Unfortunately, closed captioning will not be available during the breakout sessions or in the networking lounge. 

I’m having trouble accessing the Festival. What should I do? 

Try refreshing your browser, that clears up most issues! If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact [email protected] for troubleshooting help.