Dorian Warren | Mobilizing During the Pandemic

Dorian Warren on organizing the power of people most marginalized by injustice.

Sep 9, 2020

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Dorian Warren, President of the Center for Community Change (CCC) and Nation editorial board member, joined Nation editorial director and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel for a critical discussion about how to organize the power of people most marginalized by injustice. Watch the recording below.

A progressive scholar, organizer and media personality, Warren has worked to advance racial, economic and social justice for over two decades. He previously taught for over a decade at the University of Chicago and Columbia University, where he was Co-Director of the Columbia University Program on Labor Law and Policy. As a commentator on public affairs, Warren has appeared regularly on television and radio and has written for a wide array of magazines and newspapers.

He currently serves on several boards including Working Partnerships USA, the Workers Lab, the National Employment Law Project, and The Nation Editorial Board, where he offers valuable advice and guidance on grassroots politics and the fight for racial and economic justice. Warren has steered the CCC to focus on fusing different forms of power through organizing, politics, and a new consensus of what is possible.

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