Watch the Nation Conversation with Tobias, Nation Senior Editor Lizzy Ratner, and Nation Editorial Director and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel, about One Health’s work to prevent future pandemics and what we can do to support it.

Bringing together experts from across disciplines, One Health is an international movement that starts from the presumption that the fate of humans is intimately connected with those of wild animals and the ecosystems on which we all depend. The recognition of this reality makes One Health both a powerful antidote to the anti-science ethos of the Trump era and a cutting-edge vision of 21st century global health. But advocates say it offers something else, too: It is one of our last, best hopes for preventing a pandemic worse than Covid-19.

Can One Health overcome the inertia of bureaucracies and the political and economic interests of the powerful? Our future may depend on it. Investigative reporter Jimmy Tobias spent many months researching One Health for his recent Nation cover story.